I wrote this poem for my granddaughter Adalyn Enslen who turned 18 years of age on September 4, 2021.

Adalyn at Eighteen

Thinking of Adalyn, it brings a grin,
Proud to have her as my kin,
Made me take in hand this pen,
Write her poem as is my trend.

18 years it now has been,
Since through her mother’s womb did rend,
Time sped fast from one to ten,
Romping through the family den,
Playing amongst her sweet siblin’s.
In house a helping hand did lend.

Can catch a ball, brought home the win,
Soon ready to take the field again,
Could be relied on to defend,
Count on support from mother hen.

Will soon move on to make new friends,
New stage of life she now begins,
To buy some fun I send this yen,
And to this poem I say “Amen.”

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