Claims and rumors circulated that noted historian Leonard J. Arrington (1) was restricted in his writings by Church authorities when he served as a Church historian; (2) was denied access to Church archives because of his forthright and sometimes unflattering writings; and (3) was dismissed as a Church historian because he was too truthful. I had heard such things myself from others who were antagonistic toward the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Having never met him in person, I presumptuously telephoned Leonard Arriginton at his home one night to directly inquire about these matters. He was courteous, polite, open, and respectful of my bold, out of the blue, telephone call. He flatly denied the rumors and said he would send me his response in writing. I did not receive a response for a time, so I sent him a letter about our conversation.

His responsive letter of February 20, 1989 follows:

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