Thoughts from My Personal Journal

THOUGHT: November 19, 2019

You must know a subject well to teach a subject well.

THOUGHT: December 19, 2019

The acquisition of knowledge requires effort.

THOUGHT: December 22, 2019

Our most valuable knowledge comes from study, faith, keeping the commandments, and the confirmation of the Spirit.

THOUGHT: January 4, 2020

You need at least to be smart enough to know just how dumb you are.

THOUGHT: February 4, 2020

There is so much hidden truth in the world that it would be possible for each of us to gain our own little storehouse of special knowledge without intruding into someone else’s little storehouse of special knowledge.

THOUGHT: February 22, 2020

A child who reads will become an adult who thinks.

THOUGHT: May 2, 2020

Every other person in the world knows things I do not know. Therefore, I can learn things from every other person, so long as I don’t wrongfully assume I already know everything they know plus more.

THOUGHT: October 30, 2020

We don’t know the magnitude of that which we don’t know.

THOUGHT: December 2, 2020

I want to be a lifelong learner.

THOUGHT: January 12, 2021

Knowledge is of much less worth if it is not shared with others.

THOUGHT: February 18, 2021

We never learn all that we need to learn, even with regard to the most mundane of subjects.

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