Thoughts from My Personal Journal

THOUGHT: October 1, 2019

History is skewed by our personal perspectives. Only God understands history perfectly. It took many decades for the so-called Battle of Bear River to become more correctly known as the Bear River Massacre.

THOUGHT: October 13, 2019

I feel like God personally targeted me when he caused objective Church history to be written.

THOUGHT: January 10, 2000

The most important part of history is not the events, but the people involved in the events, and how they and others were affected by the events.

THOUGHT: April 29, 2020

A good historian will tell you that these strange times are not so unique. There are other parallels in history from which we can learn and draw insight.

THOUGHT: June 7, 2020

History teaches us that evil men in government who are ambitious for power will inevitably seek to restrict or outlaw gun ownership by its citizens.

THOUGHT: June 10, 2020

Should one generation not be careful about judging a former generation who lived in different times and under different circumstances?

THOUGHT: June 11, 2020

Are we going to have another Civil War because a group is offended by the first Civil War, notwithstanding they were on the winning side of the first Civil War?

THOUGHT: June 12, 2020

You cannot successfully change or erase history.

THOUGHT: June 9, 2020

Why do Blacks want to erase from history their ancestor’s greatest achievement ever—overcoming slavery?

THOUGHT: June 17, 2020

Society cannot properly deal with the present and the future until society acknowledges the past. Trying to erase the past is not an appropriate reaction to a faulty past. Acknowledging it, learning from it, and correcting the faults is the appropriate reaction.

THOUGHT: June 24, 2020

This afternoon while it was raining, I did some reading in the Church history book Saints. I am glad that the book is presenting a realistic view of Church history, showing the dissensions, arguments, personal conflicts, turmoil, and problems that were present. It strengthens my testimony and makes me feel better about my own human weaknesses. Only God could have saved the Church from its early members.

THOUGHT: August 1, 2020

In its November 1999 edition,
National Geographic magazine announced the discovery of Archaeoraptor, a link between dinosaurs and birds, from a 125 million-year-old fossil that had come from Liaoning Province of China. Chinese paleontologist Xu Xing came into possession of the counter slab through a fossil hunter. On comparing his fossil with images of Archaeoraptor it became evident that it was a composite fake. His note to National Geographic led to consternation and embarrassment. It was eventually determined that Archaeoraptor had been constructed from parts of an early cretaceous bird, yanornis martini, and a small dinosaur, microraptor zhaoianus. Lewis Simons investigated the matter on behalf of National Geographic. In October 2000, he reported what he termed: “a tale of misguided secrecy and misplaced confidence, of rampant egos clashing, self-aggrandizement, wishful thinking, naïve assumptions, human error, stubbornness, manipulation, backbiting, lying, corruption, and, most of all, abysmal communication.”

THOUGHT: August 25, 2020

America’s history is complex, and viewing the past through narrowly-focused modern eyes that ignore historical context will produce a warped mind. Of course, horrible things have been done. But there is nothing about our past that should cause a person of today to react so extremely as to become ungrateful and violently angry that he or she is an American. That is not a reasonable response to our history. Where will he or she go to live where their overall national history is better? How does damaging or injuring a fellow American of today correct an earlier generation’s mistakes? How is such bad behavior any better than the very behavior of which complaint is being made?

THOUGHT: September 7, 2020

A good historian is not afraid to emphasize uncomfortable facts.

THOUGHT: October 10, 2020

The liberties and individual freedoms espoused by the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are being attacked by those who seek to dramatically transform our nation for the worse based on a false counterfeit liberty and freedom. Those supporting the false narrative are seeking to rewrite history in order to tear down American values and principles. The American Revolution was NOT fought to preserve slavery in the colonies. That assertion is an enormously incorrect statement of history, and, unfortunately, is being taught in our schools.

THOUGHT: November 11, 2020

All Mormon pioneers did not live in Utah. In fact, by now, a majority of Mormon pioneers have lived in places all over the world.

THOUGHT: December 6, 2020

For the millions of us who are Mayflower descendants, we have come a long way since our Puritan beginnings in America, but not all of the changes have been in the right direction.

THOUGHT: December 10, 2020

World political history and our own family history revolves around the competing philosophies of either building bridges of understanding or building walls of separation.

THOUGHT: December 13, 2020

Will I let a small morsel of history regarding Joseph Smith’s humanity destroy my testimony of his prophetic calling and prophetic work? Will I let the fact that he took an occasional drink of alcohol negate the authenticity of the
Book of Mormon? Do these things that are considered negative alter the ultimate truths? No, only my personal spiritual maturity is tested. Hopefully, my spiritual maturity has been increasing over time and will remain on the rise.

THOUGHT: February 1, 2021

The fun way to study history is to study your ancestors.

THOUGHT: February 22, 2021

If you are opposed to a religious or political or cultural or governmental system, it is a very ill-advised response to pretend that the religious or political or cultural or governmental system never existed. You cannot successfully erase history or that which you may believe was the history.

THOUGHT: March 17, 2021

The pseudo-historians who attempt to re-write the history of America will not be able to remove God from its founding documents. For instance, excluding the list of grievances, there are three paragraphs in the Declaration of Independence. God is mentioned in all three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, the declarants referenced the “Laws of Nature’s God” that entitled the colonists to separate themselves from a tyrannical government and establish their own nation. In the second paragraph, the declarants stated that they were endowed by their “Creator” with certain inalienable rights. In the third paragraph, which followed the grievances, the declarants wrote that they were appealing to the “Supreme Judge of the World” in support of their quest for united, yet free and independent states. For the colonists, God was always there, front and center.

THOUGHT: March 25, 2021

We can get a sense of our American forefathers’ feelings of dependence on God by reference to the Judiciary Act of 1789 which established our federal judicial system. (1 Stat. 73, Chapter 20) The act was passed during the very first session of our national congress. By this Act, the ending phrase “so help me God” was prescribed in the oath of office for all federal judges.

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