Thoughts from My Personal Journal

THOUGHT: June 5, 2020

The protection of individual life, liberty, and property is absolutely the job of government, but it is not exclusively the right of government. It is primarily my job to protect my own individual life, liberty, and property. I am the first defense against a criminal threat against me. I am my own “first responder.” It is primarily my job to look after myself because the government can’t be everywhere all of the time, and crime, like the poor, will always be amongst us. In fact, most of the criminal “protection” work that government does consists of investigating and prosecuting the crime after it has already happened. I cannot do my job effectively without the right to bear arms. There is absolutely no peace, consolation, or solace for me in any system which claims that I don’t need a right to bear arms because I will be more safe with the government protecting me. That system is built upon false premises. Such would most especially be true in those situations where the government itself is the criminal—the major threat to my life, liberty, and property.

THOUGHT: June 15, 2020

Facts can be very uncomfortable for folks. Where on this earth do people of all ages, races, genders, professions, and beliefs enjoy the greatest levels of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity? Is it not here in America? We need to hear fewer grievances and more gratitude from everyone. How often do we hear an expression of appreciation for welfare, EBT cards, rent supplements, free cell phones, free tuition, and the list goes on and on, all paid for by hard working citizens who pay their outrageously high taxes?

THOUGHT: August 24, 2020

An important part of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy is Monticello. An important part of my meager legacy will be the Overlook House. I am sure Jefferson’s architectural plans are far superior to mine because I have none. I suspect that I have more hands on work than Jefferson did. I don’t have any slave labor and I only have one part-time worker. I suspect that I have a closer connection to the building materials. I cut down the tree, saw it into logs, haul it to my sawmill, cut it into boards, treat the boards against wood destroying insects, dry the boards by stick stacking, resize the boards after drying, poly the boards, cut the boards to size, and screw them into place. I gathered bricks from my great-great grandfathers chimney, cleaned them, mixed the mortar, and laid them. I personally selected, handled, and laid every rock that has gone in the two fireplaces. I have enjoyed every moment of the work, even in the extreme heat and extreme cold.

THOUGHT: September 22, 2020

Every time I grow a dollar’s worth of bell peppers or tomatoes or okra or squash or peas or cucumbers in my garden, I save a dollar at the grocery store. Plus, my food is fresher and tastier, not to mention the satisfaction that comes from feeling more independent and self-sufficient.

THOUGHT: October 1, 2020

If you want the government to fully take care of you—provide you with food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and medical care, then the right place for you is prison. The only thing missing from your life will be your freedom.

THOUGHT: October 2, 2020

Though born in an environment of protest, conflict, and violence, liberty must be nurtured and maintained in an environment of peace and civility.

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